A little concession……….

It’s been a very busy week here at Baa Baa, and we have exciting news! I volunteer at The Saxon Hill Craft Barn, an amazing venture, and in their words,

‘The Saxon Hill Craft Barn is an Arts and Craft store with recycling at its heart. We hold a variety of interesting materials & merchandise from fabric, wool, buttons & haberdashery to cardboard tubes, paper, plastic, picture frames & books. Even wooden crates, cable reels & mannequins on occasion. All these along with core range of new art products make us an exciting arts & crafts resource.

Be you a student, artist, crafter, kids’ clubs, sewing groups, or school this Aladdin’s Cave has something for everyone!

The Craft Barn set up by Saxon Hill Community School in Lichfield, is an inspiring community project based at Chasewater Country Park, which whilst being a wonderfully inexpensive store, also provides young disabled people with supported training and assisted work placements.’

The Craft Barn has had a bit of a make over and have introduced concessions into the store.  When I was offered the chance to display my items, I jumped at the chance to support this amazing place!

Scrap barn concession

Check out their website for further details and opening times!





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