It’s been a long time baby……….

I can’t believe how long it has been since our last post! We have been super busy here at Baa Baa Crafts, and we have some very exciting news. In about 6 weeks, we are going to be doing our first craft fayre at the Guildhall, Lichfield, Staffordshire. Hence the radio silence – needles have been busy sewing and knitting, designs have been drafted to make our table amazing! Here are a few sneak peaks into what we have been making! Shall post more details as we get them about the fayre.  But for the moment, hope you like,


Black and gold knitted collar

‘Black and Gold Knitted Collar’

Green Chenille and brown leather button knitted collar

‘Green Chenille and brown leather button Knitted Collar’


A crafty collar, or two…….

I love wool, and hate waste!! After completing larger projects, I am always left with just a little bit of wool, it’s bothered me for ages to have small balls left over, so I have come up with a simple but effective way of using these up.  I love how effective my hand stitched collars are, so have used the leftover wool to make knitted collars and knitted necklaces.  I have played around with ribbon and chain, and the interchangeable brooches.  Hope you like, Kx


A load of ole wool……….

As the winter proceeds to batter us with frost and snow and arctic blasts, I have kind of neglected all other crafts for knitting. There really isn’t anything quite like being snuggled in front of a warm fire, trash on the T.V and a naughty but nice hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, creating something to help keep you even warmer! I have been making a lot of scarves and collars with the odd sheep pin cushion sewn in for good measure! I have recently bought a HUGE amount of wool from the amazing Lichfield Scrap Barn, keep posted for my ingenious way of using up small balls of wool! Hope you like Kx

SAM_7184  Mushroom brown ruffle scarf

SAM_7175  Polka dot chiffon wool scarf      

SAM_7174  Aqua toned ruffle wool scarf     


I’ve been busy trying to use up the huge amounts of lavender that I managed to harvest this year! People have grumbled about the weather, but my lavender plants have really loved the conditions, with all three types of lavender ( English, French and Cotton) doing really well. Lavender hearts are fab little makes that are perfect in the bedroom – their gentle aroma helping with any difficulty sleeping, they also help keep the moths at bay in the wardrobe and brighten up any window! Hope you like the selection x

grey felt lavender heart close up


A load of wool……

There is nothing quite like an autumn afternoon, fire on, hot chocolate with the works, Thoroughly Modern Millie on the T.V, and knitting needles in hand. I love autumn, walking through the park, kicking up the leaves, all the glorious colours, totally inspirational. I love the chunkyness of autumn and winter wools and the equally fat scarves and collars that can be made from them! I love these scarves as they are simple to make and make lovely gifts. Hope you like x

20131204_102231  20131204_103046

20131204_103037  SAM_3627